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Metanoia & Vie

Breaking free from strongholds


What poisons human beings and prevents them from having inner harmony? From having self-esteem rather than feeling rejected and unloved? What causes the lives of some believers to resemble a series of obstacles or a life of running in circles? The main hindrance that keeps most people from experiencing the glorious destiny that God has planned for them is a harmful belief system established within their hearts, holding them captive against their will. This is what the Bible refers to as "strongholds.

The world around you is filled with individuals who appear to be free, but in reality are prisoners, spiritually locked behind walls of fear, bitterness, rejection, sadness, sexual impurity, anger, rebellion. etc. The principles contained in this book will help ou identify and demolish any inner prison. These principles have already transformed the lives of
countless individuals, and as you read the book, you'll experience a similar transformation !