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Metanoia & Vie

Neutralize the n°1 public enemy : the flesh


Your worst enemy is no demon, nor witch. Your worst enemy is in you and it's called the flesh!
The flesh is Satan's greatest ally, the undercover agent he uses to hinder the maturity of God's children, and to make sure they never possess their heritage, the divine extraordinary.
Many believers underestimate this invisible opponent and coexist with his deeds (immorality, jealousy, slander, rejection, anger, etc.) without realising his destructive power. What is the flesh? How does it work? What danger does it expose you to? How does it manage
to cause believers' disqualification? Even worse, how does it make them the heart of scandals? How can we neutralise it?

Through this book, you'll understand that no matter how powerful the flesh was in you, it's possible to live completely free from its desires, to walk by the Spirit; so the divine supernatural becomes your reality.